Community Amateur Theatrical Society

Checkout Girls by Louise Roche

1st & 2nd June 2019

Directed by Sara-Jane O'Neill

Book of Willoughby/Best of British

Hosted  by Katy Golds

23rd February 2019

In Memory of Jeannie Harris

Hercules - Panto

By Arrangement with Smith Scripts

Directed by Paula Baker

November 2018

Terror on Mountain Mansion - Written by Kenneth Bridge

Directed by Lee Owen

September 2018

Murder on the Cards WHODUNIT

Pics from the show are here


Dec 2017 Panto.

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Variety show Sept 2017

'Spirit of Blythe Avenue'
(A familiar ghost story)

May 2017

A Turn up for the book Sept 2016

The Wizard of OZ June 2016

The Wizard of Oz
Video here:

Smalls Talk April April 2016

Panto Nov 2015

14th & 16th August 2015

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 23/24 May 2015 

"Butter Side Up" Feb 2015

"Aladdin"  Nov. 2014


Shepherd's Pie 6th, 7th & 8th June 2014

Array Of Plays 27 & 28th February 2014

3 Short performances

1. Rodney & Jools - A modern view on the classic Shakespearean masterpiece

2. Murder at Dress Rehearsal - Its dress rehearsals for the Pifferling players, when its leading man is shot and killed on stage. Who would want him dead? His jealous fiancee who has heard of his womanizing ways? His enbittered ex wife? Or has the director had enough of his over long dramatic pauses? Its up to Inspector Harry Hollywood and his amazing sense of timing to discover the murderer. Regardless the show MUST go on

3. Kidz - Witness the despairing teacher try and impart some knowledge


Rodney & Jools

Rodney -  Jacob Woolstencroft

Jools - Renee  McCarron

Murder at Dress Rehearsal

Clinton Starr - Gary Baker

Talulah Ferrero - Lucy Short

Deborah Sharpe - Phemy Houghton

Councilor Parker - Paula Baker

Valerie Stickler - Jeannie  Harris

Kevin Grey - Kieran Cunnigham

Insecptor Harry Hollywood - Craig Murray


Teacher - Irene Hammond

Kids - Corey Baker, Damon McCormick, Jacob Woolstencroft, Jason McCarthy & Renee McCarron


Sara Jane O'Neill

Sleeping Beauty 28-30th November 2013

Our 2013 panto, this version of Sleeping Beauty has been adapted to our group. With lots of cheering and booing, will the Prince be able to save his Princess, with help from her Fairy Godmothers (Merryweather, Fauna & Flora), from the evil Malificent?


Princess Inara - Lucy Short

Prince Phillip - Jason McCarthy

Merryweather - Jeannie Harris

Fauna - Phemy Houghton

Flora - Gary Baker

Malificent - Craig Murray

Crow - Christine Blease

King - Norman Hurst House

Queen - Irene Hammond

Magic Mirror - Savannah Ingram

Young Prince - Reece Sweeney

Horse - Reece & Danika Sweeney

Villagers - Renne McCarron, Savannah Ingram, Corey Baker, Jacob Woolstencroft,Danika Sweeney


Director - Jenny Powis

  Stage Manager - Gary Baker

Lighting - Jenny Powis

Sound - Sara Jane O'Neill

Front of House - Paula Baker, Shelly Norton

What Goes Around, Comes Around 29/30th August & 1st September 2013

What Goes Around, Comes Around is a murder Mystery. When two mystery writers have writers block they come up with the perfect murder. But is all as it seems?


Nigel Forbes - Charlie Cook

Maxine Goodman - Christine Blease

Ann Forbes - Ann Ellis

Jill Prentice - Paula Baker

Inspector Berry - Craig Murray


Stage Manager - Gary Baker

Lighting - Jenny Powis

Sound - Norman  Hursthouse