Community Amateur Theatrical Society


Name - Gary Baker

Member Since - Founding Member 1996

Shows Involved in - Cinderella (Buttons), Wanted, One Body (Chauffeur), Love Begins at 50 (Clive), Terror on Mountain Mansion (Soccetti), One More Hit! (Henchman), Jack & the Beanstalk (Dame), Love Begins at 50 (Jack), X-Fact-Or Show (Comedian), Sleeping Beauty (Flora)  Array of plays, 'Encounter at Beetham Tower' (Clarkie) 'Turn up for the book' (Terry)

Info - Gary is a founder member of CATS and has been performing since 1996.  He has taken many roles over the years. Where Gary really excels is in his role of Stage Manager.  He builds the sets for our shows usually on a tight budget together with his technical team they do an outstanding job.

Name - Paula Baker
Member Since - 1999
Shows Involved InWanted, One body (Ann),  Happy Families (Rebecca),  Terror on Mountain Mansion (Linda),  The Dear Departed (Director),  Love Begins at 50 (Biker),  One More Hit! (Director),  Newall Green, Yesterday & Today (Co-Director), Array of plays

Paula joined CATS in 1999 as the treasurer with no interest in acting at all.  With this kind of group everybody pitches in. In 2000 Paula was asked to co-direct Wanted one Body. The show was great success and was adjudicated by the GMDF. Over the years she has also performed or directed several shows. Paula says that everyone should try am-dram!  It builds confidence and it's really good way to be part of your community.

Name - Euphemia Houghton
Memeber Since - 
Shows Involved In - Been involved in many shows with CATS, Most noteably was "Our Street" which was performed in York infront of Bishops and the Archbishop of Canterberry, George Carey. First panto part was King Rat. Phemy has been shot on stage and been a ghost.
Interested In - Acting
Other Info - Learned how to apply stage make up and make people look entirely different to how they usually look. Also has been involved with light and sound. Thinks its a good thing to be involved with the theatre and finds it exciting.

Name - Irene Hammond

Member Since - 2000

Shows Involved In - First show was "Wanted, One Body" and played the Cook. Has since played many roles in the various plays and Pantos, at several different venues.

Interested In - Acting

Other Info - Enjoyed acting at school. Joined CATS when she retired. Enjoys doing Panto and enjoys the social side of the group as well.

Name - Norman Hursthouse Jnr

Member Since - 2010

Shows Involved in - The witch who stole Xmas (Norman), Love Begins @ 50 (Henry), Cinders and Withington (Dandini), Sleeping Beauty (King) & Aladdin (Sultan) "Encounter at Beetham Tower' (Norman)

'Turn up for the book' (George) 'Spirit of Blythe Ave' (Dr. Bradley

Interesting In - Backstage, Acting, Playing Keyboards.

Name - Ann Ellis

Member Since - 1996

Has been involved in amateur acting since 1980 including many farcical plays, pantomime, monologues and community singing, as well as prompting and backstage support. She was presented with a Best Actress Award by the Manchester Federation of Amateur Dramatics in 1985 for playing Beth in "Dry Rot" and followed this up by taking a refresher college courses in drama.

Part of my acting experience has been involved with “Coronation Street” and “Linda Green” Starring Liza Tarbuck.  In each of these programmes she was acting as an extra.  In “Linda Green, especially, she played many different parts with different costumes.

Joined CATS when it was known as FAB in 1996 and played the part of Dandini, Principal Boy in Cinderella, then after a year or two with the Garrick, involved in backstage support roles, returned to CATS and was elected Secretary in 2000.  Later in October played the part of Cook in "The Witching Hour."

Has since organised and made costumes for the Pantos, including "Snow White," at the end of 2000.  In 2001  co-directed "Wanted One Body" and In 2002 appeared as Mum in "Happy Families" by John Godber.

In June 2003 she played the role of Mavis, an eccentric 65 year old woman in "Love Begins at 50." During the next CATS production, in our variety showcase she acted out a monologue, "Giving Notes" by Victoria Wood, followed by other shows acting out short farcical sketches. Ann has also appeared in “The Adventures of Mr Toad” in Birmingham, February 2014, taking part in the acting, singing and dancing.

Now, many years later, living in Birmingham she is still involved with CATS and has appeared in pantos, a murder mystery, and a play within a talent show which was called “The X Fact  or Show.” She was Susan Davis in 'Fates's Thread.
She recently played Madame Ariana in 'The Spirit of Blythe Avenue'

Name - Sara Jane O'Neill
Member Since - July 2013
Shows Involved In - Sara started out helping with setting up & refreshments in the interval. Sara then went on to be trained in using the lighting and sound board, in the production (Array of Plays) Sara has often managed the lights and sounds single handed. Sara also appeared onstage in her first acting role in Shepard's Pie (Maid).
Interested In - Backstage, Acting.

Name -  Lucy Short

Shows Involved With -  Sleeping Beauty -  Array of plays - Aladdin (Jasmin) Fate's Thread (WPC Bayes)

Name -  Lauren Studders

Member Since - 2016

Shows Involved with 'A Turn Up for the Book', 'Peter Panto'

Katie Kean
Joined CATS in Feb 2017
'Spirit of Blythe Avenue' (Ruth Clifton)

Charlotte Royle

Member since: Member of CATS since June 2015, director at CATS Juniors since July 2016
Shows involved in: Me and Mama (Sophie) Dick Whittington (Dick) smalls talk (Emma) a turn up for the book (Milly) directed the Wizard of Oz, wrote and directed Peter Panto and An evening with Cats Juniors and 'Allsorts'.
Also played 'Verionica' in 'The Spirit of Blythe Avenue'.